Community Health Needs Assessments

Community Health Needs Assessments are a tool for health centers to analyze trends in their service area and inform their service delivery models. Every Health Center Program grantee is required to conduct and have a board-approved CHNA every three years.

We offer three levels of CHNA.

  • Level I: CHNA analyzes utilization, socio-demographic, and health indicator trends within the service area to meet HRSA Compliance with Needs Assessment requirements.
  • Level II: CHNA also includes an analysis of social determinants of health and where the assets, gaps, and opportunities are within areas that impact a person’s health outcome such as access to healthy foods, active living, affordable housing, education, and the physical environment.
  • Level III: CHNA incorporates personal stories and much more history to tell the story of the health center, its past and where it is going, with a focus on capturing the human impact of the health center (through interviews with staff, patients, historical leaders in the community) and how people’s lives have been changed.

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