Non-HRSA Grant Management

We don’t only write and manage HRSA grants!

In addition to supporting your foundational HRSA 330 grant and portfolio of complementary HRSA grant awards, the WCN team is able to support your organization’s mission, sustainability and growth through the pursuit and management of other federal, state, local government and foundation grants.

Our Grants and Compliance Administrator will manage a comprehensive Grant Tracking document that allows for a comprehensive list of all grants held by your organization. WCN is able to track reporting deadlines and send timely reporting reminders to your team so no deadlines are missed. The Grants Committee hosted by the Network becomes a time for key staff to discuss potential funding opportunities, ensure grant project activities are on track and that team members are in the loop about the organization’s portfolio of grants.

  • Comprehensive document review for HRSA Compliance
  • Grant Portal Set-Up and Management
  • Contract and Award Document Tracking
  • Grant Tracking
  • Reporting Reminders Management
  • Project Officer Communications
  • Facilitate Grants Committee with Key FQHC Staff

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