And in our spare time:-)

The Write Choice Network specializes in Grant Writing, Management and Compliance of HRSA Health Center Program funding for FQHCs, including Service Area Competitions, Service Expansions and Budget Period Renewals. Grant writing and management services can include other federal, state, local and foundation grant opportunities to meet the needs and priorities of your health center and community.

We are able to support your 330 federal grant writing and compliance, becoming your go-to partner on all things HRSA. We are there when the Site Visit is scheduled, when the BPR or SAC is due and or when a Change in Scope is needed.

Meanwhile, we also can serve as your own personal FQHC strategist, supporting your health center’s growth with program development and grant writing so that you can provide comprehensive programs that support your patients and community.

At The Write Choice Network, it’s sometimes hard for us to list all of the services that we provide – in fact it is really a question of what we don’t do!

  • Federal, State, Local Grant Writing
  • SAC, BPR, NAP, Service Expansion Proposal Development
  • Private Foundation Proposal Development
  • HRSA Compliance Trainings and Policy Review
  • Site Visit Preparation and Management
  • HRSA and Non-HRSA Grant Reporting Management
  • Electronic Handbook (EHB) Management
  • Contract Database Management
  • Health Center Policy Development
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Support
  • Change in Scope Applications
  • Grants Committee Facilitation
  • Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA) Application Assistance

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Technical Assistance Provider for EPA's Healthy Places for Healthy People Program

Healthy Places for Healthy People engages with community leaders and health care partners to create walkable, healthy, economically vibrant downtowns and neighborhoods that can improve health, protect the environment, and support economic growth.

Our team collaborates with Renaissance Group to provide technical assistance for partner communities to bring our FQHC expertise to health care facilities to promote their health, environmental, and economic development goals.