HRSA Compliance and OSV Preparation

As you know, it’s a new day with HRSA compliance. Health centers are expected to maintain full compliance with the Compliance Manual at all times and are audited during routine Operational Site Visits (OSVs) and Service Area Competition (SAC) reviews.

The Write Choice Network team acts as your contracted HRSA Compliance Officer. Our team works with your senior leadership and Board of Directors to develop and maintain a board calendar of approvals, review and update P&Ps for compliance on a regular basis, and train your staff and board on Health Center Compliance Manual requirements.

Your health center benefits by having access to our Health Center Policies and Procedures Template Binder and Compliance Manual Trainings portfolio. It’s like having a cozy cup of coffee delivered and HRSA Compliance blanket wrapped around your team, so you can do what you do best and we can focus on compliance.

Preparing for a site visit can be stressful. Our expert mock site visit team is ready to assist in preparing for a HRSA Operational Site Visit (OSV).

As part of our HRSA Compliance work, we support your health center year-round to provide expert HRSA Compliance and OSV prep services so your team feels prepared, your policies are in compliance, and the OSV goes smoothly. We developed a Mock Site Visit process with HRSA to help health centers prepare for an upcoming OSV.

When it is time for the OSV, we put on our HRSA government badges, review and update all documents required for the OSV for HRSA Compliance, conduct a Mock Site Visit to review the Site Visit Protocol, and train your staff and board in the process.

  • Board compliance trainings
  • Comprehensive document review to ensure HRSA Compliance
  • Multiple staff and board trainings on preparing for the OSV and Health Center Compliance Manual
  • Mock Site Visit to go through Site Visit Protocol
  • Gathering all requested documents to prepare for HRSA Consultants
  • On-site during HRSA Operational Site Visit (We are with you every step of the way!)

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